Monday, May 2, 2011

Foster Home for Lulu

Beagle Paws is looking for a foster home in Saskatchewan for Lulu.  Beagle Paws is a rescue based in Newfoundland that operates nationally.  Archie is a Beagle Paws dog; and we shared our home with a Beagle Paws foster a few years ago (so glad you found your forever home, Annie girlie!).

To find out more about what's involved with being a foster family, please visit the Beagle Paws foster page.  (Bonus points for you if you know which of the beagles on that page is our very own Gabe-o!)  If you have more questions about Lulu, ask away, and I'll do my best to answer.


Keely said...

I would definitely be interested in more information. We live in Saskatoon and just bought a new home with a large fenced backyard. We currently have an 8 month old female beagle and we would really like to find her a friend to keep her company and play with her. We absolutely love beagles, so a second beagle would definitely be loved in our family! Please send me more info if you are still looking for a home for this beautiful girl!