Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Gabe!

He's 6 today!  My big galoofus.

I'm painting my kitchen and in the mess I lost the cable to download pictures from my camera.  I'll post some from today as soon as I am able.

Gabe started the day in a frisky mood, stealing my shoe and daring me to chase him around the yard.  He got in some good naps - both indoors and out - before suppertime.  I cooked us all bbq steak and baked potatoes for the birthday feast.  Afterwards, we went to the dogpark.  Gabe's new friend Luca was there, so I'm sure that was a high point of the day, as was his wallow in a mud puddle.  And I do mean wallow, even dipping his nose in and tossing mud in the air.  Ay-yi-yi.  Yes, I had to drive him home like that.  When we got home, I presented him with his gifts - a big bone and a toy (a stuffie with a squeaker inside, from the dollar store; it should last about 2 minutes once he decides he needs to get the squeaker out).  Luckily for Archie, everything comes in "twos" on birthdays here, so Arch shared equally in all the loot.

We topped the day off with a much needed bath. The birthday boy is now snoring beside me.

Happy birthday Gabe!