Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day at the Dog Park

My children wear fur. If something makes them happy, I'll likely be happy too. I couldn't think of a better way to spend Mother's Day than a trip to the dog park - our first in months, since I broke my ankle.

Pre-broken-ankle, we would circle the park four times in about 50 minutes. Today, we managed two circles. It was lovely out there in the sunshine, though, and I think we were all happy to have the time together. Apologies for the hazy pictures - I didn't take my camera, so these are off my blackberry.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lulu's family says ...

Lulu is usually a happy go lucky beagle. She doesn't have any health issues, she's up to date on her shots and she's very smart. She is a great dog ... She loves being outside, rolling in the grass and running around the yard. She loves to play fetch but sometimes gets so excited she forgets to return with the ball! Her favorite toy is a toy dolpin, she always has to have it with her when they relax on their couch. She might possibly roam in a new area since it would be unfamiliar, but has always been good walking off leash with us when we go for walks in the country. She is housetrained, crate trained and knows many commands and some signs. She is a calm eater, and has no allergies that we know of. She is easy to take for walks as she is great on her leash and is great around other dogs.

We have 3 young (under 2) nephews in town and she is great with them. They have pulled her tail and stuck their fingers in her nose and she has never reacted towards them. We also have a cat, who gets along great with both of the dogs and Lulu and her enjoy snuggling on the couch. Our cat had kittens this past fall and Lulu was great with the kittens, they would play with little balls together and lay together for naps. It was very cute.
Now to find a foster family for this girl, on her way to her forever home ...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Foster Home for Lulu

Beagle Paws is looking for a foster home in Saskatchewan for Lulu.  Beagle Paws is a rescue based in Newfoundland that operates nationally.  Archie is a Beagle Paws dog; and we shared our home with a Beagle Paws foster a few years ago (so glad you found your forever home, Annie girlie!).

To find out more about what's involved with being a foster family, please visit the Beagle Paws foster page.  (Bonus points for you if you know which of the beagles on that page is our very own Gabe-o!)  If you have more questions about Lulu, ask away, and I'll do my best to answer.