Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Path Less Taken

Is this another reason why I should be called a "crazy dog parent"?  Or do lots of people do this?

I shovel paths throughout the yard for the dogs in the winter.  The dogs are so short, it's easy for them to end up belly deep in snow.  When it's "warmer" (-12C/10F or warmer), they're not too picky about having to wallow in the snow; and they often have fun frollicking in it.  But when it's cold, (-20C/-4F or colder), it's hard for them to be out there, and I imagine having your legs totally immersed in snow just makes it that much colder.  So, I shovel for them.  They can make it to a pee spot, sniff around, or even chase each other through the "maze" for a few minutes.  They tend to stick pretty close to the paths when it's cold. I do think they appreciate it.


Michael Hanko said...

I think this is so sweet. I just know your boys appreciate your hard work and concern.