Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthdayversary Archie!

My Boo celebrated 4 years as a member of our pack today.  He was found as a stray, and is one of the rescues rehomed by Beagle Paws.  No one is sure of his exact birthday.  He was about a year old when he came to live with us; so we designated his arrival date as his birthday.  It's a special day for us.

So special in fact, that we wear party hats.  I was thrilled to find these Snoopy party hats on eBay.  Gabe was not so thrilled.

But hey, he knows resistance is futile, so he went along with the ride for a little while.  I got a couple of decent party hat shots:

Besides wearing hats, on special days like this we do things that doggies love best.  And just by chance, napping and eating are high on my list of likes too.  We had a nice leisurely morning (avec nap).  Stew fresh from the oven for lunch.  In the afternoon, we went to the dog park, but I sadly didn't think of taking my camera.  This dog park visit was memorable because we were out there in the rain.  Archie is scared of thunder, so when the first rain drop hits, he usually seeks shelter.  We did take refuge in the van for the heaviest part of the storm, but were back out in the park while it was still sprinkling. 

We had our usual special day entree - bbq steak.  Just to try to keep things healthful, I followed the home cooked idea of 40% protein; 30% carbs; 30% vegetables.

The steak went over well.

The peas, not so much.

However, after Gabe licked his bowl clean, he came along and graciously helped Archie out.  I still regret not naming Gabe "Hoover."

After supper, we partook in some ball playing.  In general, I think Gabe is more expressive than Arch.  However, get the ball out, and Arch goes to town.

"Just try to get it away from me!  Just try!  I dare you!"

"But if you insist on waving that camera around, sure, I'll pose for a picture or two."

"Okay, enough with the camera.  Please play, now.  Pleasssssse!!"

The crowning "event" of the night was to be the presentation of two very special bones.  The boys get a lot of chewies (Texas Toothpicks, beef pizzles), but rarely an actual bone.  Gabe got down to business lickedty split.

Arch, well Arch was not as interested in chewing on his bone as he was in burying it.

All in all, a lovely birthdayversary!  But, please pass the cookies.