Monday, July 6, 2009

John Mutford's Canadian Book Challenge 3

John Mutford has posited a challenge on his The Book Mine Set blog: Take part in his Canadian Book Challenge 3 by reading and reviewing 13 Canadian books between 1 July 2009 and 1 July 2010. That should be easy enough; but since this is a blog about dogs I'm going to set a theme for myself: 13 books about dogs. I would see a lot of Stanley Coren in my future, except I have already read most of his books. Hmmm .... thankfully the author of the Stanley books (Stanley's Party, Stanley's Beauty Contest, Stanley's Wild Ride, etc.) is Canadian. Whew! That should cover about a third of my 13. And then of course there is Farley Mowat's The Dog Who Wouldn't Be.

Got any suggestions for me?


John Mutford said...

13 Canadian "dog" books (about dogs and/or dogs in the title):

1. The Incredible Journey- Sheila Burnford
2. White Fang- Jack London
3. Call of The Wild- Jack London (while London is American, both books were set in the Yukon)
4. Heroes of Isle Aux Mort- Agnes Walsh
5. Sailor: The Hangashore Newfoundland Dog- Catherine Simpson
6. Red Dog, Red Dog- Patrick Lane
7. These Are The Days of Dogs and Horses- John B. Lee
8. Shakespeare's Dog- Leon Rooke
9. Write About Dogs- Kevin Ryan
10. Wild Dogs- Helen Humphreys
11. Don't Let's Go To The Dogs Tonight- Alexandra Fuller
12. The Ugly Truck and Dog Contest- Cathy Jewison
13. The Dog and I- Roy MacGregor

Hope these help!

Jacki said...

Wow! Thanks for the help! I thought it was going to be a little more difficult than that to come up with 13 Canadian dog books, hahaha Just goes to show how vibrant the Canadian literary scene really is.