Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jazzy Tags - 7 Paws up!

Well someone has a birthday coming up, namely Mr. Gabe-o, who will be hitting the big "5" next week. We do very much celebrate birthdays here, with a bbq steak (no bones!) and gifts. Gabe's had the same leash since 2005, and his tag is looking pretty scratchy (he's on his second one in 3 years) so I figured a perfect gift would be a new collar and leash set and a new tag.

Modern Dog magazine has several ads for online stores that specialize in dog tags. I checked an "artisan" dog tag store, only to see that their handmade tags run at $30-$50 USD. *ahem* a little too pricy for me. Moving along ... I checked out The photos of their tags looked "okay" and the price was reasonable ($13.99 USD, no shipping charges), so I decided to give them a try.
The only shape tags come in is round, but they are stamped with a simple picture on the front - you can choose from 13 designs, 9 colours, and 3 tag sizes. Okay. Choosing was actually pretty easy. The website suggested the medium size tag would be appropriate for "most" dogs. For Gabe, I chose the bone design with a red background - I like red on him; and the bone is no-brainer. It's like his personal logo. I also ordered a tag for Archie, for his birthday in August. His has a green background to contrast nicely with his red fur; and his design is a fire hydrant because ... well, I'm sure you can figure that one out.

I used PayPal to pay for the tags late on May 19th; and on May 20th received an email saying I would get the tags in about 7 days. Voila, May 27th, they are in my mailbox - from the USA, yet.

These are beautiful tags - much nicer than they look on the jazzytags website. The tags are stainless steel, large and heavy - almost 1/2 oz, to be precise. They're about the size of a toonie and twice as thick. Everything is perfect. The colours are vivid; the designs are clear; the engraving is a good size (and no errors).

Considering that the tags from the vending machine at PetSmart run at about $10, jazzytags is certainly competitively priced, but offering a much nicer quality item in the end.

Gabe and Archie give them 7 paws up. They deducted 1 paw because the engraving may be difficult to read in certain lighting (this is where the tags at the PetSmart vending machine get a bonus point). But, this is a small issue - with luck, no one will ever *need* to read their tags to return the boys home to me. Check out the next time your furkid needs a tag.